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Diaper Genie Refill

The diaper Genie Refill bags are top-of-the-line for your diaper Genie machine! These bags can hold 8 be ers, while the munchkin pails only hold 4 be ers, these bags also come in an 8-pack form, which is enticing for multiple drinks.

Refill Bags For Diaper Genie

The Refill bags for the diaper Genie are terrific for carrying your diapers and pails around! The pails are filled with you clothes, and you can fill them up with even more diapers and pails, the bagged design means that you can always have some extra bags on you, so you can always go through your dirty clothes without any mess. Our Refill bags for the playtex diaper Genie are outstanding for playing with your little one, these do all the work for you, easily taking the burden of taking the diaper off and on the playpen. The are also than traditional making them unequaled for hard day's playtime, this playtex baby diaper pack of three is excellent for use at home or in the car. It comes with 270 counted down from fresh to used, each bag is filled with a fantastic amount of playtex diapers, refills and protection for less than $10. This is an exceptional deal on a fresh set of playtex diapers and refills for your home or car, this product is a playtex diaper Genie Refill bag. It comes with various playtex diaper Genie Refill pails and a starter refill, the bag can be customized with various expressions and customizable diaper pail with starter refill.