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Gold Plated Diapers

Looking for a vintage-looking alternative to add value to your diaper pajama collection? Examine these gold-plated diapers! These early-'50 S pins from the out-of-this-world look of the era, and first-rate for use with only white or light-colored diapers, the pips are small and can be used just once, while the plating is durable and last for many miles. Plus, the unique design is eye-catching and sure to turn a simple piece of decor into a statement piece.

Gold Plated Diapers Amazon

This is a vintage 1950 S 24 k Gold Plated baby diaper pin in original case, this pin is in unissued condition with only a bit of usage left. The pin is from the original used large box it is in, the case is large and it is that the case will be lost soon. However, the case is sturdy and well-made, the case imparts a small on the front side but it is 25% complete. The back side of the case is practical with no dents, the case is manufactured of sturdy plastic and is the right size for holding the pin. It extends a comfortable design with a stylish design, the case is fabricated of gold-plated quality and it is dandy for any baby. These vintage 1950 S 24 k Gold Plated baby diaper pins with chain are valuable for use with your golden Plated diapers! They have a practical amount of stiffness to them, and are also made of durable Gold Plated metal, they'll last longer and keep your children safe from becoming sick with the dirty ones. They are best-in-class addition to your diaper library, they are made of hard Gold Plated metal and are beautiful design. These diapers are terrific for your modern baby, they are best-in-class plus for any vintage baby outfit.