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Huggies Ultratrim Diapers

Looking for an used Huggies diapers? Vintage size 5 Huggies diaper is the right product for you! These vintage diapers are in very good condition and come in sizes 1 small and 8-14 lbs, we also have a large Huggies diapers. These would make a practical alternative for a large family.

Huggies Ultratrim Diapers Walmart

This is an 1991 size 1 small Huggies diapers for him, they are probably in the age range that he needs to be using them. They are 8-14 lbs and are 44 count, they are basic red and green color and have name on the front and the word "diapers" on the back. They are made with 100% natural materials and are made to protect his bottom, these vintage 1998 jumbo 68 Huggies diapers are size 2 12-18 lb breathe dry. They are first rate addition to your pee-pee-dramakit, this is an unequaled deal on vintage Huggies diapers. These diapers are size 1 and are 40 piece, they are sealed in the bag and come with an 2000 piece. This comes with a package, these vintage Huggies diapers are still the best value for your money. They have a leak-proof seal that can handle even the most strenuous leakage, they are 40 count diapers, so they will fit most babies 8-14 pounds. Plus, the leak lock system helps keep the warm and comfortable.